CIED ended in February 2019. This website is now archived and will be no longer updated.

Energy saving policies and energy efficiency obligation schemes

Briefings and reports

The ENSPOL project’s main aim is to support Member States (MS) in implementing the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). In particular it aims to support MS which intend to set up new Energy Efficiency Obligation (EEO) schemes (Austria, Bulgaria and Greece) or which intend to implement alternative measures (The Netherlands) that could create synergies with a future EEO scheme. The project will also strive to inform the on-going development of existing EEO schemes (Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Poland, UK), and support MS with an existing EEO scheme in the improvement thereof, learning from and building on existing experience.The specific objectives of ENSPOL are to:1. Assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of EEO schemes and alternative measures based on the existing experience and plans of MS, as well as to make recommendations for the most appropriate approach against different criteria and under different conditions.2. Improve the knowledge and capabilities of MS (both within and outside the project) with regards to the different options available for the implementation of EED Article 7 (EEOs and alternative measures).3. Ensure the effective engagement of a broad range of stakeholders with an interest in the implementation of EED Article 7, as well as to promote a wide consultation.4. Complement and enhance the work of existing EU and MS initiatives concerned with the implementation of EED Article 7.

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