CIED ended in February 2019. This website is now archived and will be no longer updated.

Energy saving innovations and economy wide rebound effects

Briefings and reports

This Research Briefing sets out the aims of the project ‘Energy saving innovations and economy wide rebound effects’ and the research strategy to achieve these aims.

Rebound effects have been widely neglected, partly because of the limited evidence base that is available, and partly because of the complexity of the topic and the tendency towards polarised debate. This project therefore aims to engage with stakeholders and present results and implications in an accessible form. The results should be of interest to a wide range of groups, including:

• UK policy makers in DECC, the Treasury and other departments
• UK devolved governments with responsibility for sustainable development
• European policymakers and politicians
• International energy organisations
• Energy users concerned with policy responses to and/or support of actions to improve energy efficiency
• Think tanks and NGO’s working to promote a low carbon economy
• Academics

The project is led by Professor Karen Turner, Director of the new Centre for Energy Policy (CEP) at the University of Strathclyde International Public Policy Institute. The project involves researchers
from the Centre for Energy Policy, as well as from the EPSRC-funded Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand based in SPRU, University of Sussex. The project commenced in March 2015 and will complete in 2017.