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There is no energy efficiency ‘silver bullet’ says CIED Research Fellow to Commons Public Accounts Committee

25 May 2016

Jan Rosenow,a Senior Research Fellow at CIED, called the Green Deal a “failure” when giving evidence at the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee

People power crucial for low-carbon future, new research shows

24 May 2016

Policy makers must harness the power of ordinary people if society is to transition to low-carbon energy, argues a leading technology historian.

Sexy ideas won’t slow climate change if people don’t buy in and buy them

10 May 2016

Governments and researchers need to remember that the most sophisticated endeavours won’t work if they’re not adopted.

CIED gives evidence on energy efficiency to the House of Commons

9 May 2016

CIED Senior Research Fellow, Dr Jan Rosenow, will be an expert witness to a House of Commons’ Public Accounts Committee inquiry into the Green Deal.

UK needs to rethink its fuel poverty strategy

29 April 2016

Benjamin Sovacool, Director of the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand, presented research to the Westminster Energy, Environment& Transport Forum.

Fossil fuels could be phased out worldwide in a decade, says new study

15 April 2016

The worldwide reliance on burning fossil fuels to create energy could be phased out in a decade, according to a major energy think tank in the UK.

SPRU Professor gives views on energy access to Elsevier "Energy Sessions"

7 April 2016

Benjamin Sovacool is one of three experts giving their views on the future of energy generation and use in relation to UN Sustainable Goal Number 7.

Home Energy Efficiency is a “win-win” says UK Energy Committee report, which cites CIED research

22 March 2016

Research by CIED has helped to inform the recently published UK Energy and Climate Change Committee report on Home Energy Efficiency.

The UK market for energy service contracts is growing

10 March 2016

New CIED research suggests energy service contracts are growing rapidly in the UK public sector, delivering substantial energy and carbon savings.

New paper out by Paula Kivimaa et al: Socio-technical transition governance and public opinion

3 July 2015

Read the new paper on 'Socio-technical transition governance and public opinion: The case of passenger transport in Finland' now - free download.

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